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Jenny S. – Guidance Counselor,
Summerfield Schools (Summerfield, MI)

Greg R. – Youth Minister, St. James
(Novi, MI)

Kay B. – Teacher, Reaching Higher
(Brighton, MI)

Susie D. – Founder, Reaching Higher
(Brighton, MI)

Andrew S. – Teacher, Hulsing Elementary
(Canton, MI)

Matthew H. – Youth Minister, St. Fabian’s (Farmington Hills, MI)

Riley – High School Student

Nick – High School Student

More Powerful Testimonials:


“Kevin Szawala (Mr. Peace) is one of the top youth motivational speakers of his generation!”
– Jim Tuman, National Youth Speaker

“Mr. Peace, Thanks again for sharing your passion and talents with our students. You have an amazing gift; the ability to entertain and impress with your words. Thank you for sharing.”
– Kirk E., High School Principal

“Mr. Peace’s unique delivery style allows him to influence the young people he speaks to, enabling them to truly take the message to heart & implement it into their own lives.”
– Meghan S., Middle School Principal

“I am thoroughly impressed by what you have done with our kids, as well as your rap skills!  You are an inspiration to our students, community, and myself as well!”
– Brett M., Assistant Principal

“Kevin’s powerful message encourages & inspires young people to raise their standards & give themselves a clear vision for their future, which in turn aims to promote healthy & successful youth leaders!”
– Deb W., K-8 Public School Counselor

“Mr. Peace, Your presentation was excellent because it was relevant to the students.”
– Carol B., K-8 Catholic School Principal

“Mr. Peace, We were grateful to have you here today! You were amazing and easily related to the kids. They were complimenting how much they appreciated your stories today! Thanks for coming today and we hope to have you back again!”
– Amy D., K-8 Catholic School Counselor

“Mr. Peace did an excellent job! He was very engaging and the kids loved him! We hope to have him back at our school again soon!!”
– Margie F., K-8 Catholic School PTO President

“Mr. Peace, Thank you for taking the time to speak and spread such an important message with our students. Your presentation was very engaging and helped to further promote our school agreements of treating others with kindness and respect. Students loved having you join them during their lunch time as well! I would highly recommend your presentation.”
– Vanessa H., Upper Elementary School Student & Family Specialist

“Once in a while during your life, you meet someone special. Sometimes you come across a person who is symbol of courage, strength, and Faith and yet is humble, content and very approachable. This person may have left a permanent mark of good and hope in your heart and for some, it changes your life forever. This person is Kevin Mr. Peace’ Szawala.”
– Greg R., Youth Minister

“I thought the program was awesome, & was so pleased with how the boys behaved & responded to your message. You do such good work, thanks for making a difference to our boys!”
– Dana, Children’s Home Education Support Services Supervisor


“Hello Mr. Peace, I’m from the United Kingdom. I am a disabled person, 27 and have been bullied all my life. I had a lot of suicidal thoughts growing up, but saw one of your videos on YouTube about “Bullying” and you helped me overcome that! Thank you for what you are doing with people and touching people’s hearts!”
– Stewart, College Student

“Hey Mr. Peace, I really appreciated your speech. It was amazing and poignant. My mom passed away when I was 15 and my life has been in a downward spiral since. My life has been one thing after another, and I can’t say that giving up has never crossed my mind. I never gave up though because my mom always used laughter to get through pain. Your speech was touching because it was such a nice mixture of laughter while relaying a serious message. You are really refreshing! I just really wanted to let you know how amazing you are. :)”
– Kristina, College Student

“Dear Mr. Peace, Thank you for coming to our school. My grandma died 3 years ago. She was literately my best friend. When she died I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell anyone what I was feeling and mom was crying so much I couldn’t cry in front of her. But that’s not all of the terrible things that were happening. About a month or two after my grandma died my uncle died. He was more like a dad then my real dad. I didn’t know if I could stay happy ever again so after awhile I made a pact to never cry no matter what. When you talked though, that was the first time I ever cried since then. You’re amazing!”
– Mackenzie, High School Student

“Last school year, I had been in a horrible place, and seemed to be going deeper into a depression I had no way out of. I tried committing suicide about a month or so before you visited.  I wanted nothing more than to die, but after hearing you speak and listening to the stories of other’s you shared, I had an entirely new outlook on life. I just wanted to let you know that you really inspired me to believe that I am worth something. I can’t thank you enough…You saved me!”
– Rachel, High School Student

“Today you were at my school and my classroom. I talked to you about my mom passing away from a overdose and me cutting. And I just wanted to say thank you a lot for coming here and talking to me. Your speech made me realize that I don’t have to end it cause there is hope and I am worth something. But once again thank you so much.”
– Kelly, High School Student

“Mr. Peace, I still remember your speech you gave to us last year and I just wanted to let you know that you have changed my life. I use to feel useless and like I meant nothing in the world. I used to have no friends cause I never put myself out there for people to get to know me cause I was shy, but your words changed everything. I have a lot of friends now and I am truly grateful for everything you said to us that day. You truly changed my life and the way I look at things now.  I just wanted to thank you sooo much for everything you did for me!”
– Dominic, High School Student

“Since u came to our school bullying has cut down a lot. Thank you for the wonderful speech!”
– Hillary, High School Student

“Hey Mr. Peace, You were at my school a couple weeks ago. You shared your stories so I’d like to share mine. Parents are divorced, don’t see my dad that often.. Dad started a new family and is focused on them. Mom is having a hard time, friends dad is a diabetic. Watched him die, have a seizure, come back to life. I’m 16 and I keep everything inside. I don’t talk about my feeling nor my problems, yet I talk people outta suicide every week, including myself. Here I am today though, playing baseball, doing good in school, and wanting to become a cop when I’m older. Keep doing what you’re doing because you have inspired me and everyone else. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”
– Kris, High School Student

“I know it might of looked like I wasn’t paying attention cuz I was playing with my friends but I heard every word. I remember thinking when you asked about painful memories that I’ve never had such a bad day. I’ve gone through hard times but never have I had a “worst” day of my life, until 5/20/11 came and my best friend overdosed. She almost died, and somehow with you talking shortly to us that day, it made it not so hard to deal with all I’ve been going through now. So I’ve been wanting to say thank you because ur words gave me HOPE.”
– Lois, High School Student

“Dear Mr. Peace, Today I walked into your presentation with the normal attitude of a teenager my age: stuck up, ready to judge, and not caring. I came in with the idea that I was cooler than others, that what brand you wear defines you, and that character is something I could achieve later on in life. Over the past year I have made friends who have then turned out to be fake people, and have now tried to claw my way back to those who I left behind. Redeeming friends is not an easy thing, especially since I left them in the dust to join the “popular” kids, the kids who get the girls, act like jerks, and don’t get caught. But at the end of my time with them, I learned something. I learned that in life, you don’t need to worry about what your friends might say about you, because if you have real friends, that problems is nonexistent. If you ever want to tell people you’re talking to something a little extra, just tell them how important even one real friend can be, and remind them that the popular crowd isn’t always the way to be. Because that one real friend could very well save your life. After hearing what you said, I truly do understand that not a single good thing can come from hatred, but an infinite amount of good can come from a single act of kindness. You don’t know how much you do to help others Mr. Peace. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”
– Nate, High School Student

“I just wanted to say…thank you. I am in 8th grade and heard you speak. I am going through a rough time right now. I feel so much pain..and so much stress everyday is just a fight to look on the bright side. but whenever I feel like giving up I think of what you said. I know that there are many people in my school who are going through much worse times than me and I know that you helped them too. thank you. it makes me happy to know that there is someone out there who cares…and understands what so much teens can go through. just wanted to say thanks.”
– Jules, Middle School Student

“Mr. Peace, I’ve been trying to write you for more than 3 weeks. I can’t seem to put how I feel into words. I first saw you at a school assembly, you were the ray of light in my horrible life. You talked about bullying, which really hit home for me. I’ve been bullied a lot in my life and that’s when my depression started. I compared myself to all the models on the magazines, and the pop stars. Every time you came and talked to us, I could feel a bit of joy blossoming through. I self harm, have anorexia, and severe depression. After every one of your talks I regret being so weak. You have been through so much more than me and you still are able to stay strong. You are such an inspiration. Without you, there wouldn’t be as much peace in this world. I really want to thank you for changing my perspective on life, for making me realize that I am not worthless, and for showing me that this world is more than just pain. My life wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep touching hearts and changing lives!”
– Skylar, Middle School Student

“Hi Mr. Peace, I just want to say thank you. You inspired me a lot. You made me think. if we could stop bullying what would happen? I think it’s great you spoke from your heart rather than a script. You were like none of the other speakers that have come to our school. Today you empowered each and every one of those souls. At lunch I could tell all the kids who usually looked sad looked happy.”
– Michael, Middle School Student

“You changed my life!  Usually every anti-bullying assembly is a drag. We barely listen. But with your assembly people listened. You made us think. I wanted to tell you that you are the first bullying speaker that has actually left a great impact on me. I am no longer a victim of bullying!”
– Mark, Middle School Student

“Mr. Peace I really want to thank you for talking at my school! After you talked to us I walked up to you crying and thanked you. I just want to thank you again because it really meant a lot to me and thanks to you I’m still here. If you hadn’t come my Mom probably would have buried her daughter at the age of 12. I was ready to kill myself and you helped me see that there was still a reason to live so I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done!”
– Gina, Middle School Student

“Mr. Peace’s assemblies are fun, funny, silly and most importantly they teach you how to act, to not bully and be everyone’s freind not just a few people no matter the color of there skin or there physical features or there religion, include them be there for them. When Mr. Peace came to my school he was funny and at the same time he was teaching us something that we should keep in our hearts and in our brains all at the same time and after he can to our school and after that assembly our thought different about my thoughts and actions that I did that month that week even that day and after he left I went up to the kid I wasn’t treating right and said “sorry” it was not easy but I did it and I wanted to share this with Mr. And everyone else who reads it and have everyone do the same thing.”
– Alex, Middle School Student

“You have really moved me and helped me know I wasn’t alone! You have really changed the way I look at things now!”
– Tina, Middle School Student

“I try to be a very open, understanding, and a compassionate person. Always the shoulder to cry on. I forgive all the people who have hurt me, but it has left scars, mentally and physically. I try to be a more optimistic person but most days I just fail. My anorexia is going away, little by little. Right now, I am trying to stop self-harming, but it’s so difficult.I was afraid that I wouldn’t be strong enough to stop but your words today helped me stop. Thank you soo soo much for being my hero. I don’t know what the world would be like without the peace that you bring!”
– Elizabeth, Middle School Student

“Hello Mr. Peace, You visited my school today and I wanted to say thank you. Today I had opened wounds that had been buried deep down inside me. I had been kind of doing the thing you talked about how I fill up my soul so much that I can’t fit room for the love and the kindness. I kind of needed to get all of that out and again I can’t thank you enough. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and every other day!”
– Elise, Middle School Student

“Thank you for coming, you gave me a bit of hope. You gave me the final shove to stop self harming, so I threw away my blade and stopped wearing the bracelets I cover them with. Thank you so much.”
– Susan, Middle School Student

“Mr. Peace, I just wanted to say that you changed my life in a great way you showed me that it doesn’t matter what other people think only what I think. Six months ago I lost my brothers to a foster home I was really depressed but you showed me that I put too many people down and I have to change that my life I was going through a lot of crap but you pulled me out of it. You’re a very special man who saves a lot of people’s lives. God bless you!”
– Trevon, Middle School Student

“Mr. Peace, My reason for contacting you is to say: Thank You. You have really changed the way I see people. And it made me change a couple of my ways. What you do is TRULY inspirational. Today I befriended a girl born with one hand. She was treated rudely because of it. But now, that changed because I took a step forward, and was kind. I would have never became her friend, and she would have committed suicide, if it weren’t for YOU. So thank you Mr. Peace. I really appreciate you, and what you do.”
– Kasey, Middle School Student

“Hi Mr. Peace, Today you spoke at my school. You asked us what our most painful memory was. My most painful memory is the time, in third grade when someone called me fat. Right there is where all of this started. This as in, my life now. That one word, just like you said has put my whole life in danger. I have so much social anxiety, I can’t even ask the lunch aid for some water. It’s hard. Really hard, to go through like worrying about my weight or what other people are thinking. It’s all I ever think. On the bus, at school, stores, even home. It gets to me. Everything causes me to feel sick. I’ve been at points were I think,’ wouldn’t it be easier to just….end it all?’ The sad part is, I have friends. I have people who care about me. Hardly anyone says mean things to me, yet that one time. That one word ruined my confidence. I’ve gone from not caring what I’m doing, or wearing, or saying, to being the kid who doesn’t talk much. Who watches her own moves carefully. Suicidal thoughts, I have them all the time. They come to me easily now. It scares me. Some days, I remember that all the medicine is downstairs. That if I just consumed some, all this would end. I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Or, the rope is in the basement. It isn’t far. I don’t want to hurt myself, I just want this to end. I suppose this is my way of reaching out to say without you coming today I wouldn’t have been here tomorrow.”
– Ashley, Middle School Student

“Dear Mr. Peace, Today you came to my school and spoke with us about bullying and I just felt that I needed to thank you. That is seriously one of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard. A week after you came some kid tripped me and I fell and a bunch of people were laughing at me, but I just remembered what we had just learned from you. I got up, gave that kid a smile and said “I hope you have a nice rest of your day” and just walked away. It was amazing because everyone just went quiet and that kid that tripped me was just shocked. He just stood there with his mouth open and watched me walk away. The most important thing you can do is just smile and treat them like you want them to treat you. I can’t thank you enough for coming to my school today & all my other friends wanted me to thank you for them too!”
– Jon, Elementary School Student

“You are an amazingly inspirational speaker who makes every breath he takes inspiring to someone. I wish you could come to our school for another talk. If you get the chance to hear him speak, go! It will be so worth it. Thanks Mr. Peace!”
– Madeline, Elementary School Student

“Mr. peace, I was impacted by the true and amazing, words and stories you have to share. I just want to say thank you for being who you are and being not the only one who understands these things. You have inspired me ever since you came to my school a couple of years ago. All I can say is thank you for keeping me strong and confident!”
– Joe, Elementary School Student

“Mr. Peace, Thanks for coming to my school! You really touched my heart and made me want to be a better person. I loved hearing the stories you tell and hope you come back. Until then peace out!”
– Quinisha, Elementary School Student

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. I think that you really made an impact on the students. What you said about bullying and its effects meant a lot to me. Especially when you talked about suicide. When you asked when our most painful moment was, I raised my hand and said that it was about a month ago. That was when a person who was very close to me told me that I should go kill myself. He said that he wouldn’t care if I died. All this happened just a few days after I had told this person about the suicidal thoughts I was having and the struggles I was having with self injury. The things that he said were really starting to push me over the edge. I know a lot of people who have been in similar situations, and the bullies often do not know how their words affect people. But it’s people like you who open their eyes so that they may see what they are really doing. It was a good feeling knowing that the students were being educated about bullying and what it can do, and it was also helpful having a reminder that there are people who do understand how I feel and know what sort of things I’ve gone through and am still currently going through. Thank you again, for talking at our school. The way you speak to the audience is magnificent. Everything you said was definitely worth our time. The assembly was great; I loved it. Hopefully, we can now take a step closer to respect and peace at our school. You are an amazing man. Thank you so much for doing all that you do. It is truly fantastic.”
– Lisa, Elementary School Student

“Hey Mr. peace! I want to say thanks for giving us the assembly. I honestly think you changed my life forever. I can admit to being a person who has bullied others, without even realizing how it could affect their lives forever until now. And I’m not proud of it at all, because I know what it’s like to be bullied. When you asked us what our most painful memory was, I thought about the way I have treated others in the past week and a half and how bad I’ve been treated. Thank you so much for showing me and sparking my brain to show my peers to follow in your path. I hope that one day I can say that I lived my life for helping others, like you do every day.”
– Gillian, Elementary School Student