General Programs

General Programs

Look at the Heart First!

  • What bullying is, why it happens and who it affects
  • Understand the true impact of our actions
  • Learn ways to overcome pain and hurt
  • Experience the importance of best friends
  • Gain the courage to do and say what’s right

Everyone is unique!

  • See people for their heart and who they are
  • Learn to appreciate the differences of others
  • Strive for the desire to include all human beings
  • Encounter peace, love and compassion firsthand
  • Embrace it and grow, or resist it and struggle

The leader in you!

  • A new look at what success means to you
  • Master the ability of responsible goal setting
  • Feel your fears and know your power over them
  • Realize your full potential and begin to step into it
  • Be the change you wish to see for the world

Positive Life Choices
Make the right choice!

  • Everything is a choice and has a consequence
  • How you respond to life is how you are defined
  • You are the sum total of your decisions
  • Change your angle of vision to see the good
  • Develop a new and positive perspective on life