Kevin Szawala (aka Mr. Peace) is a National Youth Speaker, Motivational Rapper & Spoken Word Poet from Metro Detroit, who travels across the country to schools, churches, colleges, youth clubs & other organizations spreading a passionate message of peace, love, equality, tolerance, understanding & compassion. Through the use of hip-hop, humor & heart he has given hope to over 500,000 people throughout the United States. Along with primarily helping schools deal with the epidemic of (Cyber) Bullying through his Anti-Bullying (“Look at the Heart First!”) Assembly, Mr. Peace also presents on other themes such as: Character, Diversity, Empathy, Goal Setting, Kindness, Leadership, Overcoming Negative Beliefs, Peace & Nonviolence, Positive Life Choices, Purpose, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Harm, Substance Abuse, Success, Suicide, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Zero Put Downs, etc. Read more…

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What Mr. Peace Provides

  • High-energy, high-impact, heart hitting programs!
  • Uplifting, life-changing, experiential & interactive presentations!
  • Customizable presentations suitable for all grades (K-12)!
  • Tackling the tough issues facing today’s generation!
  • The message has reached over 500,000 people nationwide…
    Help it reach more!

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What People Are Saying

“I’m thoroughly impressed by what you did for our kids & your rap skills! You’re an inspiration to our students, parents, teachers & community!”
– Brett, Assistant Principal
“Usually every anti-bullying assembly is a drag…You’re the 1st speaker who actually had an impact on me! I’m no longer a victim of bullying!”
– Mark, Middle School Student
“You truly made me believe that I’m worth something…You saved me!”
– Rachel, High School Student

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